Naming yourself after an unlikely bad comedian who was already an alter ego himself. If you do see the sense of humor of this, you’ll understand what these guys want. Making unpretentious awesome music, practicing in a rehearsal room as small as your bathroom, touring in a van along surf beaches in the summer and dodging moshing people during their concerts.

Tony Clifton consists of Merlijn Breedland (Guitar) and the brothers Mees (lead, drums) and Lenny (Bass) Kamsma. The band is founded in 2014 and they played on many well-known stages since then.  The band  released their first studio album in the beginning of June 2016 in the OT301 in Amsterdam. Call it Pop-punk or Garage Rock'n Roll, It is not about that. It's about three guys who want to sweat, rock and blow you away!


Veni, Vidi, Fuck the World!